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Radiant Beams Transformable Necklace

  • The radiant beams design of this necklace sends out melting warmth to awaken the passionate heart, lighting a path for the imagination to traverse between reality and fantasy.
  • Transform it into the best form that glows with you.
    1. Total chain length is 24 inches and can be transformed into different forms
    1. Transformable design
    2. Duo-color tone resembles the play of light in a transcendent glow
    3. Made in sterling silver plated with 18K yellow and white gold, which gives it extra shine and durability
    4. Handcrafted by GLOD artisans with love

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Artistic Design

A transformable design allows you

to adjust the form of the necklace,

creating your own aura






Exquisite Craftsmanship

Jewelry crafting is an art form

created by hands, eyes,

and most importantly heart at the same time