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Wrap and Roll 12 Colors Birthstone Ring

  • The ever-changing aura are brought to life in this ring. You can style your own aura by changing delicately handpicked gems in different colors, bridging inner soul and outer aura to enhance the mind power. 
    1. Available in US ring size: 6, 7
    1. Transformable design that allows you to change the gems into color that matches you aura
    2. 7 aura color gems: Chalcedony
    3. Made in sterling silver plated with 18K white gold, which gives it extra shine and durability
    4. Handcrafted by GLOD artisans with love

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Wrap and Roll


When you think nothing more can be added to rings

and bracelets to make them look and feel more

fun and fashionable, you’re totally wrong. We give

you Wrap and Roll, a fresh new concept of

jewelry that brings style, comfort, and contemporary

all wrapped and rolled into one. It’s the newest and

most voguish piece of jewelry you’ll ever get your

hands on. Its uniqueness distinguishes the most stylish

of individuals from the mediocre ones.



12 Birthstone Colors


You’ll never run out of shades, nor of fun,

since our Wrap and Roll is available in

12 gorgeous birthstone colors. These vibrant

colorful birthstones commemorates the month

of your birth and each represents meanings and

qualities - much like the signs of the Zodiac, to bring

your energy of the month. From Garnet Red to

Turquoise Blue, you can fulfill your gem accessory

fantasies by stacking these extravagant Wrap and

Rollsto make your fingers look even more beautiful

and dainty, getready to feel your most

fashionable self yet.



One of a Kind Memory Material


As the name suggests, just wrap it around your finger

or wrist and you’re ready to roll! It has a one of

a kind memory shape wire material

that fits perfectly and comfortably on your fingers,

whatever the size. It can be easily adjusted and

is really flexible. It definitely fits like a glove and

makes you feel like a royal or perhaps just

a really fashionable and sophisticated individual.



This beauty is available in different tiers to match

your different styles. You can go for the two-layered

Wrap and Roll to start off with a modest,

every day, chic look. For dates or important

parties that you go to, you can never go

wrong with three layers; fashionably recognisable

this time. But if you’re just feeling extra every day,

the five-layered Wrap and Roll can make you stand

out in any crowd. You can combine the different

tiers, mix and match them, to show your

utmost fashion creativity.


"Wow, I've never seen this kind of ring. I'm amazed by its feature and design. So comfortable to wear and fits perfectly to any of my fingers. I also love how they associate it with the color of birthstones. It really adds a sentimental feeling to it. Great job on making this unique ring!"

Faith Morre

2 JAN 2019, 12:21

"2 thumbs up for this! I really like its uniqueness and happy with the color of my birthstone. You can adjust it and be worn on any finger. It also compliments my other jewelry pieces. I can't stop staring at it, I'm so in love with this ring! Highly recommended for those who loves quality and colors."

Alicia Preston

15 JAN 2019, 14:42

"I got this ring for my daughter's birthday and she absolutely loves it. It's really a great gift choice, especially with colors that symbolizes the month of birth with gorgeous gems. She's very happy with the stylish design and its feature of size free and the concept of just wrapping it around on the finger. Will definitely buy from this store again and will recommend this to my friends as well."

Alea Lexar

3 FEB 2017, 19:49



Exquisite Craftsmanship

Our artisans are magicians to

visualise the kinetic movement of our design,

with a delicate balance

between the piece and the wearer