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Spark Joy Earrings Organiser

French Rose
Flamingo Pink
Creamy White
Mysterious Black
  • Environmentally friendly PU material
  • Staggered hole:No fluff, protect your jewelry from friction
  • Rational design:The stud holes on the upper and lower pages are staggered, and the jewelry will not rub against each other when the jewelry book is closed
  • Three-dimensional practical design: both sides can be hung earrings, has more storage
  • Clamshell mounting plate
  • Telescopic U-shaped buckle: freely adjust the thickness of the book
  • Size: 7.4" x 5.5" x 1.8"(19 x 14 x 4.5 cm)
  • Delivery time: Please note this is our latest cross-over product for PRE-ORDER, the delivery time will be longer than our jewelry items. While waiting, please find out the earrings that spark joy, enjoy the life-changing magic of tidying up.

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    "Brilliant! Have searched for years to find something that would take a large number of earrings without them getting all knotted together. Very good quality. My earrings were in several different places, now in the book and I can see at a glance which pair to wear."

    Janet R. Wilson

    2 JAN 2019, 12:21

    "Thank you very much for the item. It's even better quality than what I expected. The French Rose is true to the picture and the structure of the book is quite solid. It's a very nice way of organizing your jewelry, specially small studs. "

    Natasha J.

    13 JAN 2019, 14:42

    "This is an excellent way to store earrings, it makes it very easy to choose which ones to wear and keeps them together. When I was putting my earrings into the book I found some I had forgotten I had but it's really easy to see my collection now"

    Bridget Harper

    21 JAN 2019, 18:34

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    Please note this is our latest cross-over product for PRE-ORDER, the delivery time will be slightly longer than our jewelry items, because we want to guarantee your satisfaction.

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