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Be Signature Earrings

  • The triumphant radiance from within comes to life as the immaculate fresh water pearl juxtaposed at the center of these earrings, spinning with the body movement, uniting the graceful design to melt the hearts of wearers. 
    1. Width 2.5cm
    2. Length 4.2cm
    1. Iconic spinning aura
    2. Duo-color tone resembles the play of light in a transcendent glow
    3. 6mm fresh water pearl ignites the radiance from within
    4. Made in sterling silver plated with 18K yellow and white gold, which gives it extra shine and durability
    5. Handcrafted by GLOD artisans with love

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Artistic Design

Sleek yet vivid,

the iconicspinning design lifts

the imagination beyond earthly beauty






Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every detail in design

is brought to life by our artisans

with passion and love