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Dainty Symmetrical Butterfly Earrings

A gentle butterfly that floats in the wind, a vision of beauty for all to see. Created to bring pleasure and charm for those who lay eyes on it. A wings like a kaleidoscope bearing vivid and vibrant colors to expose its mystical beauty for those who gaze upon.

The wearer of this engaging and dainty earrings touches a reminder that every morning brings new hope and inspiration. Just like the vivid colors of its wings, lights like a sunbeam. Its glory and beauty shines upon the nature.

Its beautiful bounty likeness reflects the wearers enticing presence and simple elegance. 


  • Plated with 18K gold, with anti-tarnish coatings for extra shine and durability
  • Has an elegant and refined finish of an artistry of enamel. It is one of the most remarkable composite precious materials for making the best and exquisite jewelry

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