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A History Timeline of Jewellery

A History Timeline of Jewellery

February 26, 2019

In the old times, it's been used in different purposes and was made from different kinds of material. If we look back in the past, much has changed and it's fascinating to know how jewelry changes in styles, materials, and techniques. Journey with us as we will walk you, down in memory lane of these different eras to know jewelry's brief history.


In this era, jewelry has been used as a symbol of people's status, rank and wealth. They somehow use it to distinguish themselves in society. Royalty and the middle class wore gold, silver and adorned gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, pearls, emeralds, and diamonds. While the lower ranks wore base metals, such as copper or pewter. However, during this time, jewelry polishing was only the main used, there was a lack of inability to cut jewels and add color or enamel to it. Therefore, stones were much larger and much closer to their natural form. This encourages them to explore the possibility for the future.



The arrival of the Renaissance period brought the rise of wide expansion of exploration and knowledge of the development of jewels. Jewelry enameling was practice and develop on this time, more intricately designed gemstones and colorful patterns were created with the use of enamels. Moreover, the quality of the metalworking was improved significantly that is why there are still some pieces of Renaissance jewelry that survives today.



The 19th century was a time of great changes in jewelry. The change of huge industrial and social, the style being used and also the increase in available materials. The Victorian period, after the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria was known to wear a sentimental "mourning jewelry" for 40 years of mourning for her beloved husband. Around this time, a piece of jewelry would be worn for a deep symbolic. It would be worn to commemorate death, friendship, love or a wedding.



More intricate, more large and loud jewelry pieces were extremely fashionable and trend during this era. Glitter, sophistication, and elegance were the ultimate goals of this period. The radical change of fashion and statement was incorporated into jewelry. In this era, earrings, necklaces, precious brooches were designed to represent the belief or statement of individuals, especially women during the rise of the suffragette movement. Women advocating their right to vote on elections wears suffragette colors and jewelry to represent what they stood for.



As time passes, a new fashion trends of jewelry also evolves. In this time, jewelry are more subtle, bright colored and sophisticated than the old times. New technologies and other precious materials are being used to convey a unique and contemporary designs. However, somehow, others often look back and take an inspiration concept from different periods of history to create a new idea and design that will attract people. Here in Glod Jewelry, there’s so much collection you can choose from. New and unique collections are being crafted and produce to create exquisite and stylish designs exclusively for you.